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Clothing made from natural fibers, for a sustainable winter wardrobe!

About Us

Welcome to Dusty Shepherd Clothing

We are a family operated small business located in New Zealand.


A farming family, living and breathing life on the land, caring for our beautiful animals. I work alongside my partner in the day to day tasks on farm and our son loves being a part of all the action. We are sheep & beef farming in Waitaki area, and dairy farming in South Canterbury, New Zealand.  

Our goal at Dusty Shepherd Clothing is to create hardwearing, timeless pieces that can be effortlessly styled. Clothing that is easy to care for and comfortable to wear.

Dusty Shepherd Clothing offers a strong high standard of design and quality. Producing a range of adaptable clothing for children and adults that reflect fun times had on our beautiful New Zealand countryside. That are designed for our environment, special occasions, and making beautiful memories.

We hope you love Dusty Shepherd Clothing as much as we do!